Released: November 10th 2017 | GEOG42LPX

Recorded with Edwyn Collins at his AED Studios, and at Green Door Studio (the recording centre for the new wave of Glasgow artists) with Stu Evans, Permo is an album of bold steps and simple gestures, coming from a group who have found, seemingly effortlessly, a confident, unpretentious and egalitarian way of working together. Spinning Coin’s two songwriters - Sean Armstrong and Jack Mellin – oscillate taking centre stage on a song; Armstrong’s more melancholic melodies contrasting with Mellin’s urgent refrains.

Limited Edition Vinyl;

Heavyweight Green Vinyl

4 Page Book Featuring Art Work From The Band, Photographs And Lyrics

  1. 1. Raining On Hope Street
  2. 2. Tin
  3. 3. Money For Breakfast
  4. 4. Money Is A Drug
  5. 5. Metronome River
  6. 6. Magdalene
  7. 7. Floating With You
  8. 8. Be Free
  9. 9. Sides
  10. 10. Sleepless
  11. 11. Powerful
  12. 12. Starry Eyes
  13. 13. Running With The World
  14. 14. I Feel The Need To Be An Actor